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Dried Mango

Product Name: Dried Mango
Product Origin: South Africa
Detailed Product Description:

Shape: Sliced, Diced, Powder

Packing: Double PE bag for 5-10kg/bag or small aluminum bag for 15-100g/bag with cartons outside

We are the professional and reliable manufacturer and exporter for freeze dried foods in South China. We are approved by HACCP, ISO and BRC certificate.

Our vacuum freeze dried series are produced from 100% natural fruits. Detailed specification for freeze dried mango are as follows:

1) Specification:

Sliced: 3-5mm, 5-7mm

Diced: 5*5*5mm, 10*10*10mm

Powder: 40-120 mesh

Or as per clients' requirements

2) Packing:

--Bulk package

Inside packing: Double PE bags

Outside packing: Cartons

N.W. 5-10kg/Carton for sliced and diced

20kg/Carton for powder

-- Small aluminum bag

Brand: Orientland or OEM

Inner packing: aluminum bag

Outside packing: Cartons

N.W. 15-100g/bag, as per clients' requirements

3) Used for: cereal, tea, sweets, bakery products, delicatessen, salad, dairy products, etc.

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