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Macademia nuts

Product Name: Macademia nuts
Product Origin: South Africa
Detailed Product Description:


We have good quality macadamia nuts for sale. Please contact us with order quantity and destination port so we send quotation.

Creamy, light golden kernels
Firm and crunchy
Flavour / Odour
Delicate, typical macadamia kernel, with no foreign odours
Kernel requirements
Raw kernel should be fully mature – plump (unshrivelled) and firm and obtained from species Macadamia integrofolia and Macadamia tetraphylla and their hybrids
Be free of any insect or rodent infestation
Moisture Content
Should be below 1.5% by weight
Foreign Matter
Be free of foreign matter, except for loose shell, maximum 1 piece larger than 2mm per 100kg for style 0 to 4 and max 2 pieces of shell per 100kg of kernel for other styles. Impacted shell pieces smaller than 2mm no more than 1 per 100kg of kernel
Particle size
Conform to processing specifications or customer preference
The minimum weight is 11,34kg and maximum 11,36kg
Each carton is properly and legibly marked. The labelling / stamping are stipulated in the relevant work instructions
Info: Batch number, cultivar, style, date, weight
104 carton stacked per pallet – labels must be visible and readable on the ends of each box facing outward
Accept / Reject Criteria
Product will be rejected for the following:
- Non conformance to product characteristics and specified parameters.
- Incorrect labelling
- Microbiological standards non-conforming to specification
- Over/under mass
- Defective packaging
This specification is not to be altered without written confirmation.
The supplier has the right and is expected, to cut orders if quality cannot be attained for reasons such as:
- Inferior raw material
- Staff absenteeism
- Equipment breakdown
- Material shortages
In the event of the finished product not conforming to MAXIMACS specification, the Marketing dept. or Quality dept. must immediately be informed.
Sell by Date
1 year from packaging date

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