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Vanilla beans

Product Name: Vanilla beans
Product Origin: South Africa
Detailed Product Description:

Vanilla Beans (Vanilla Pods)
1.Botanical Name: Vanilla Planifolia
2.Grade A Gourmet Beans
3. Length 6 inch+
4. 34% Moisture

Pure vanilla, with its wonderful aromatic flavour, is the most widelyused flavouring in pastries, confections, and other desserts. It is thesecond most expensive spice in the world, next to saffron, and as much as flavourchemists try with the glycoside found in the sapwood of certain conifers orfrom coal extracts, the cheaper synthetic vanillas on the market today do notcome close to competing with pure vanilla. Vanillin is only one of 171flavouring compounds that have been identified in natural vanilla, which is whysynthetic vanilla is only an approximation of the natural bean, with none ofits subtleties. When you use the whole vanilla bean the complexity of flavoursand aromas of the bean are released. In custards, milk, creams, syrups,and other liquids they impart a wonderful flavour and their small dark seedsadd dimension to your dessert.

We offer Customers a varitey of packaging options including Vacuum packing!

Botanical Name: Vanilla Planifolia

Common Names: Vanilla Pods / Bourbon Vanilla / Vanilla Beans

Scientifc Name: Vanilla Spp.

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